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Author: Jackie

5 Important Things to Do when Writing a Blog Post

Viewers are interested in blog posts. They can get some idea or important information through them. So, the role of bloggers is to write interesting blog posts for viewers. In this article, there are at least 5 important things which a blogger or writer needs to do when writing a blog post. Every writer or […]

Tips on How to Improve your Writing Skills

In writing, whether it is through the use of a paper or through online writing, it is important to take note about your writing skills. Correct grammar is actually important. If you are asked to do article writing for instance, then it would be in a form of a paragraph or bullet lists can also […]

Useful Advice For The Aspiring Article Marketer

Increasing traffic to your website can have a significant impact on the overall success of your Internet business seems to be lagging. Article marketing can be a go-to method of improving business that you may be very interested in learning about. The following information will guide you instructions on how to utilize this strategy to […]

Your Basic Guide to Understand what Blog Is

Everyone is familiar about journals, diaries, and logs. Some of you might have already wrote one of these especially journals and diaries. Writing is one of the best skills that a person can have. Professional writing would be very beneficial. Nowadays, the internet is being used all over the world and people are enjoying the […]

The 4 Major Parts of Article Writing

Article writing may sometimes be time consuming. It would take time for a writer to write something. Why? Some topics to be included in a website may be difficult especially if the writer is not familiar with it. To write a good article, it is important to take note of the major parts of article […]

Strategies that helps Every Beginner to Write Articles Fast

Every writer will experience some struggles when writing a post especially if it it has to be a high quality content. But actually, even if the writer is required not to write a high quality content with deep vocabularies or terms included, writing is still difficult. This could happen when you were given similar websites […]

Transcribing vs Article Writing: Know the Difference

Listening to audios and transcribing them into text seems to be an easy job. If you think you can do multi-tasking, then there is no problem in doing transcribing. The only problem which most transcribers face or struggle with is the quality of the audio. If the speaker is not understood well due to his […]

Guidelines For Keeping Your Blog On Track And Making It Work

Bloggers and blogs are all over the Internet landscape. They are voicing their opinion on a variety of topics and news with an Internet audience.It can be tough to make a successful blog. Use the ideas presented here to create your knowledge and expertise. Do not make too much use of keywords, plug-ins, images or […]

Know these 5 Important Uses of a Blog

A blog has different purposes. For some people, they just want to share their experiences to other people. The content of the blog they want to share may be both positive and also negative. For example, a person happened to check-in at a hotel in a foreign country. That person can write his or her […]

How to Know the Number of People who Read your Blogs

There are many different types of bloggers these days. And the number will surely increase as quick as a blink of an eye. Just as there are many bloggers around the world, so are the number of viewers or readers of blogs. For bloggers especially beginners who want to know the number of people who […]