Transcribing vs Article Writing: Know the Difference

Listening to audios and transcribing them into text seems to be an easy job. If you think you can do multi-tasking, then there is no problem in doing transcribing. The only problem which most transcribers face or struggle with is the quality of the audio. If the speaker is not understood well due to his speaking skills, then it would be difficult for the transcriber to transcribe the audio or video into text. In this article, it shows about the difference between transcribing and article writing.


As mentioned, audios or videos are transcribed into text. The transcriber should have good listening skills as well as quick writing skills. The work of a transcriber is actually difficult especially if the quality of the audio is too low wherein the speaker’s voice is not heard clearly. Though this job is quite difficult depending on the quality of the audio, it is still one of the best jobs an employee can have. There are short audio files as well as long audio files for transcribing for your travel. Let yourself be engage over this travel agency jump over here A way for you to better get your visa card here.

Article Writing

In article writing, only writing skills is needed. Depending on the employer, the job can be easy or difficult. It becomes difficult when the writer is required to write high quality articles. But, it can be easier than transcribing if the writer is only required to write simple yet interesting articles. In fact, article writing is much easier than transcribing. Why? The writer can get some idea through YouTube or by searching on Google this travel guide agency for renewing your visa, read this special info Just the writer is not allowed to copy from any other websites.

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