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Types of Bloggers

There are also types of bloggers that exist around the world. As blogging now is on full blast so there are many who also get in the field.

One of the types of a blogger is the part-time blogger who is a professional. He has a regular job but he blog so he can supplement his income. Or rather we would change he to she as many bloggers are women.

The next blogger type is the one who just blogs just for the fun of it.

She writes mostly about what interests her and does not earn an income. She then does not spend much time blogging but it could only take about three hours in a week.

The next type is the professional blogger that makes blogging his full-time job. She is employed and can do the work home base or not. Another full-time blogger is the one who is referred to as a corporate type. This blogger writes specifically for a company he belongs to and in the data they form the 8%.

The last type of the blogger is the entrepreneur that blogs for their business. The blog is a way to promote their business. With the increasing visibility of all business on the internet so now almost all are looking for ways on how they could also use the internet for their benefit.

Blogging could be done by anyone but it also depends on what would be the type of blogger you will be.